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Computer viruses that I can't fix.

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One word, Beer.

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Mel Gibson.

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Dangerous Toys - Outlaw. From the Self-titled album realeased in 1989 this song never hit a radio dial, but, I think it was the best song on that whole album. I still listen to it today, and I seriously dispute the claim that these guys were a hair band. Seriously, Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Pantera, Death, Cannibal Corpse, and everyone else that was rebelling against their parents in the late 80's or early 90's, had long hair, that does not make AC/DC a 'hair band' any more than it makes Michael Bolton a power in the heavy rock scene...Anyway, just click the link to get to the page on artistdirect Then the 'sample' button next to the song in question. If you want to download it, I am sure you know where to go.

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It is Thursday, April 01, 2004

As previously stated, I did not update this page yesterday. That is a fact that roughly 99.99999999998% of the people in the world already know anyway. I kind of wanted to, just to put on a spoof type news item of the April fool's sort, but I spent so much time farting around with my mom's PC that I just never got to it. More on that pc issue below, for now, some discussion of shows on t.v.

Survivor: All Stars was on again today, and it was satisfying if only for the fact that they actually voted someone off. There have been a few weeks where people leave of their own free will and that really makes it boring. In my mind the only time the show is worth watching is when you get down to ten players and they start all of the caniving, back-stabbing shit that they do, but if you had not watched the happy-go-lucky first half dozen episodes you really wouldn't know who you want to vote for(to win I mean).

I think the two players who are going to make an impact, for the good or the bad, seem to be Boston Rob and Lex. They are each the strongest male on their respective teams, though neither of them really appear to lift a finger, letting the other members do the daily duties. Each one of them, though, also seems to be intelligent enough that they could beat Rupert or Big Tom if there was a mental challenge. If the challenge were physical (pure muscle and stamina I mean) they would certainly be the front-runners there as well. The show has seemed to notice that as well, since they have changed a lot of the immunity challenges to involve a lot of finesse as well as strength to give the women a fighting chance. I am not saying that women are weak, but a fifty year old woman trying to out-lift a twenty-five year old man is not really a fair challenge. If that challenge was to get a hundred pound block on a six foot tall platform, though, the man would just try to lift it there, while the woman would more likely look for a device around her to make it so that she didn't have to actually bear the weight. That makes it a bit more fair, at least as long as they do not specify that you can't use what you find on the ground to help you.

At the end we all know (at least anyone who has watched any season of survivor) that the person who is going to win it is one that is going 'Under the Radar'. That is very likely not what they are doing, but the way that it is edited. My wife and I have noticed that most of the time the less they show someone on camera, the more likely that person is to win. I guess it makes for better viewing, but it kind of makes it almost predictable. Well, to a point. I think it was Sherlock Holmes who said that it is easy to predict the actions of a crowd, but impossible to predict the actions of a single person.

Now, if Survivor were to take it to the next level and do a 24/7 feed online, with a simulcast for the episode on Thursdays (for those who don't watch the feed mostly) then we would all know a lot more about the contestants and be able to make rational judgements about them. That would, of course, be a little bit creepy for the players, the viewers, hell that is just creepy. I would watch it though.

South Park

I don't know how Trey and Matt can get away with the stuff that they do on South Park. This week they showed Kyle watching the movie, "The Passion of the Christ" and deciding that what he needed to do was apologize for the Jews killing Jesus, not because he was the son of God, but just because he was horribly crucified. That seemed well and good to me. I am not a religious pundit, but I am pretty sure that the bible does mention jewish involvement in the death of Christ.

The other plot (if you can call it that in a South Park episode) that was developing was about Stan and Kenny trying to get back their nine bucks each after having hated the film. Without going into too much detail, I will say that they made it to Mel Gibson's house, took 18 bucks out of his wallet and ran like hell. Mel Gibson was portrayed to be basically Daffy Duck with a weird pain fetish, it was quite funny. They used his actual face on their chartoon model of him, and made him do some really sick stuff, like putting his hand in his underwear then proceeding to spread an unknown brown substance all over the door of a building. I laughed, I cried, then I laughed some more. I have nothing against Mel Gibson, but when they have him chasing a school bus, in the truck from "Mad Max", and throwing his own feces around, I just have to laugh in that sick and wrong kind of way.

There may be Lawsuits, as I am sure that Mel didn't agree to have his likeness used in that way, but I still found it funny. Thank you Trey and Matt.

Mom's PC is totally fucked!

My mother sent me her pc, well actually handed it to me, after it started to have a problem. The problem was that it seems to have a pretty nasty virus on it. I have spent the last few hours online trying to figure out exactly what it is that she has on there. The virus that she has corrupts all of the system files, and I mean all of them. It has also cleared the BIOS so that I have to start from scratch, if the computer will ever work again is still up in the air, but as of now I am thinking that there is about a 95% chance that it is just dead.

Her hard drive is totally corrupt, the only way to save it will be to reformat it. Why waste the time on a six gig, partioned hard drive though. I thought that her cd-drive was working, but that only worked when connected to my own system. I hooked one of my cd-drives to her PC and nope it won't work. Yes, I did make sure my jumper settings were right. The closest match that I could find for what this virus did to her system was called "CIH" there are many mutations of that virus, but she seems to have gotten the worst one, that or her boyfriend spent so much time trying to get it to work so that he could look at porn, that he totally destroyed the system.

I have never seen a system in so bad a shape, and I do view my fair share of porn, but my god man, if you kill your computer to get that "full porn video" you are just a fucking idiot.

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