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"'Tis now the very witching time of night, When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out Contagion to this world."- William Shakespeare, from Hamlet

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All Hallows Eve

'Twas a darkened, moonless sky, wind blew cold its battle cry

A sleeping world was left to fight the dark

Evil lurked through murky skies, the only light, the demon's eyes

Homfires were left to only dying sparks


No one could forsee, no one doubted, only dreamed

and the evil screamed, and it built to destiny


Still the sky was blowing cold, evil tales it foretold

and the demons laughed aloud, laughed at the world below

Oaken doors shook and shivered, as the chill pressed on to cinder

The wind whisped in violent rage, a primal fury of its soul


Darkness turned to deathly black, demons waiting for attack

High up in the blackened skies of death

Ashen grey urns of death, lay in the hands of those they left

In God-Forsaken cries of pestilence


For the demons thrive, mortal men are left to die

and the evil lies, yet it lives on human life


The demons dance in darkened skies, for in darkness power lies

and each single deathly rite is sung unto a blackened night

Saddened shrieks of sorrowed silence will push on unto viloence

The demons feed on fear and life, and fear man can never fight


Evil soon was all consuming, yet the people unassuming

The world asleep, their lives were lost

Not a single fight they made, for asleep had they stayed

An eternal evil holocaust


Eternity their souls had bought, Perfect homes their hands had wrought

Evil temptors had they fought, only heaven had the sought

As their souls depart the earth, evil has been given birth

And the demons laugh aloud, whose life was lived for naught?


It seems that those who worship die together

Those who don't shall live forever!

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