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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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A Child of the Night
I run free into the night, in a vision, or in life?

I see the full moon shine above the trees

Mind is clouded by the sight, of the shining full moon's light

I smell the scent of flesh blowing in the breeze


Holy unknowns guide my feet, I must quench this thirst for meat

Now I must taste the blood I'm searching for

As a wraith, still I have needs, in the dark now, I must feed

I must drink the blood to fill my empty core


In the air I smell the scent, now the time to hunt begins

Tracking down the blood that I so crave

I take the darker form again, in the form my soul transcends

To the darkness, nothing but a slave


Gaining ground, the scent is near, feeding on her building fear

Soon I shall feel her flesh within my jaw

Upon her now I taste her tears, for the time is finally here

And as I strike, her mortal soul is gone


Blood drips down upon my form, the blood, the love I feel for her

Her life's blood drips within these jaws of hate

This sweet dream I had for her, her blood has quenched that dream for sure

As I alone have sealed her final fate


Once behind, the kill is gone, but the need, it carries on

This endless quest for blood within the night

Now a man, the wolf is gone, now the night has turned to dawn

Now please enjoy a second's silence from the fright


But never fear the children of the night



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