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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Counting Teardrops
A tear for what has been, a tear for what shall be

A tear for every day that's passed since you left me

A tear for all I've done, a tear for all I've seen

A tear for everything I never dared to be


A tear for what I said, a tear for what I kept

A tear for every dream that came while I slept

A tear for all the hate, a tear for what is left

A tear for never crying while so silently I wept


A tear for what I tried, a tear for when I failed

A tear for every dream chased but never held

A tear for what I want, a tear for what I felt

A tear for every tear for the life that I was dealt


A tear for the day, a tear for the night

A tear for every day that has passed in my life

A tear for this place, a tear for this time

A tear fot all the blood shed by this double-edged life


A tear for the weak, a tear for the pawn

A tear for each time I woke up at the dawn

A tear for when you came, a tear now that you're gone

A tear for the shoulder that I never had to cry on


A tear for my fate, a tear of destiny

A tear for I can't change what was meant to be

A tear just for you, a tear I hope you'll see

A tear for the way you never felt for me


A tear for this 'thing', a tear just for me

A tear to drop into my sorrowful sea

A tear that is shed, a tear that shall be

A tear for I see the tears are drowning me


A tear I can't escape, a tear I don't know why

A tear for the world that has stripped me of my pride

A tear one last time, a tear the last I'll cry

A tear for everyone who laughs when I die

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