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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Dark Dreams
Morning dew upon the leaves of dancing daisies in the fields

A song of solace spreads across the sky

Soon the world shall awaken to this beauty unforsaken

Open shall their shutters always fly

As their wanting eyes shall gaze the sky


As the dawn breaks O'er the trees the sitting daisies shift their leaves

Reflecting rays upon the rooster's nest

Now the rooster's gainly call, surely shall it waken all

And breathe new life into each man and guest

Morning beauty beats in every breast


Morning turns to mid day sun, as the sun warms everyone

The shade trees shall be sure to find their use

The heat is cooled by the breeze, the wind it whispers through the trees

The secret sites of seats that we should use

and the heat drives us there in twos


Yet a day can never last, the night it seems to come so fast

The sun it slides so quickly from its height

The children now are called inside, from whatever place they hide

The family gathers around the fire's light

The time has come to say good night


As the sunset turns to night, in darkened dusk is deadly fright

Each sound it seems to seep into the soul

As the moon escapes a cloud, someone, somewhere, shrieks aloud

A terror wrought of shadows burning cold

A tale of time best left untold


Now the night is never gone, for the fear it carries on

Of dark and deadly demons dancing free

Still the night grows ever deeper, and for each and every sleeper

Appears a personal demon just for he

A demon he can never set free


If the night should dare grow colder, if the man should dare grow older

Surely shall that demon ever be

If the night is always black, surely shall the beast attack

Surely shall he be inside your dreams

Forever feeding on your screams


And as the beast draws upon you, there is nothing you can do

For, every dream just drives the feeding feast

For this beast feeds on your screaming, only in your darkened dreaming

Shall you find this dark and deadly beast

Never shall his feeding frenzy cease


As you lay there, always screaming, seeming to invite the demon

You mustn't dare to try to flee

For this beast is deadly violent, and his scream is always silent

Yes! the more you fear the more I feed

These deadly dreams of demons are of ME!!



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