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Timeless Quote:
"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Without his site, my site would never have existed.

Am I evil? Or am I what you fear?
Am I an angel? Or just the thoughts you hold so dear?
Do you envy..All that I've become?
Do you hate me for all the things that you have done?

I'm not you...I'm not me
I'm not pain or misery
I'm not fate...I'm not life
I'm not the one who holds the knife
Not for you...Not for me
No one here is enemy
I'll take your hand...To take a life
The edge of your fucking knife


Don't you know me...We've met so many times
Don't you feel me...adding rhythms to your rhymes
You can't deny it, You'd be nothing without me
You can't defy it, Can't lie to history

Take the knife...In your hand
I'm the one who understands
It is you, or it is he
Both of you just cannot be
I'm the knife...know the truth
Truth that robs you of your youth
Blood is spilled...soul is stained
I'm the one who brings the pain


So you hate me...Can't escape me
I've known you for so long
The deed is done, you've had your fun
You blame me for your wrongs
Will I be there, in the mirror
Will you wake up next to me
It's too late...You've sealed your fate
Welcome to eternity

Flesh is burnt, soul is scarred
Hell is pain, and pain so hard
Now the knife, it cuts at you
There's nothing else that you can do
The sea of fire, the Pit of pain
They're all part of the game
Your soul is mine...So Naive..
You will know TRUE misery!


Like the virgin...Scarlet whore
She could take the pain no more
Just a pawn within the game
and I know you'll do the same
In my hand I hold your life
and in yours, you hold the knife
But I am pain, you must believe
and again, you'll kill for me

OR DIE !!!

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