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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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The Demon's Symphony
I stand before the deacon, open arms and I shall pray

Pray for those who've fallen prey to me

Searching for salvation, open eyes, yet cannot see

In my dreams my life is fantasy


There is a darker soul lurking somewhere deep inside

A fearsome hunger driving me

Another being living deep inside my mind

Purging lies to truth in all I see


My fear becomes my life and my life becomes my dream

So slowly slips my sanity

I stand before the mirror with the dagger I have raised

Now I am afraid of what I see


Losing all control, my body moving on its own

I feel the evil presence driving me

I can not stop myself, my mind is frozen cold

A prisoner, now, to all I see


My thoughts have slipped away now I've fully lost control

My mind has finally found its final sleep

Enslaved by the presence in a body I don't own

A prisoner of the presence driving me


Holding forth the chalice, now I chant the incantation

To the virgins blood that I shall drink

I sign my name in blood to a life forevermore

Dancing to the Demon's Symphony



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