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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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A God Forsaken
Dark clouds in the night, the thunder it looms

The thunders of Heaven make mortals their slaves

An endless disaster envisions the doom

The sound breaks through the dead in their graves

The lightning in flashes, the sparks fill the room

Genuflucting, now, the mortals, the slaves

Now life is exhausted, the home is the tomb

True death of all life---A part of the game


The ground starts to rumble, the power it builds

While the land below, it feels the shake

The mountain it crumbles, as time, it stands still

The mortals below can feel the earth quake

The mountain erupts, God's fire it builds

Helpless below, the slaves start to pray

Deep in God's fury, the faithful are killed

Yet, disbelieving, the heathen are saved


Unholy wars start as hate is instilled

Religion now ruled by the point of a gun

Heathen souls rage at the blood that is spilled

Seeing death as hate, not love for the one

For sake of religion, a Hebrew is killed

A Catholic's hands are dripping with blood

A war for the holy, without thought or skill

To kill in the name of God's only son


If God rules above me, and Satan below

I will never know which choice I should make

To follow the Devil, whose name I do know

Or kill for a God I'd rather forsake

If death waits in hell, painful and slow

Supposedly worse than the worst of fates

Then why would I rather give Satan my soul

Than bow before a God of Hate?

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