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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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My Final Prayer
Don't you know that I could feel your footsteps

As you passed this darkened, lonely cell

I screamed and cried for you to free me

You passed on, though you heard me well


And now this cold presses deep within

As the air it chills my very soul

I can still hear you passing me by

You can still feel the chilling cold


As you pass and pass and pas me by

I am left alone with nothing but pain

Forever alone in this darkened room

I need You to break these chains


Blind and alone, frozen to stone

I scream and plead and cry aloud

The smoothe stone lining these walls

Only echo back your laughter's sound


It's always thus when I need you

You'd forever pass me by

Now, I guess I'm not surprised

That you would leave me here to die


The chill is blowing colder now

And it burns me clean to the bone

I pray that what you never did for me

Will leave yoou frozen just as cold


I pray you'll die just as alone

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