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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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The Pale Horse
I see them riding through the darkness

I can feel them after me

A single breath I chance to swallow

Clenched tight teeth refrain my scream

Now I crawl deep in the shadows

Praying he can't hear me breath

The dusk shall pass and night will follow

The pale horse shall fill my dreams


I see the fog, it's growing thicker

As the sunlight slips away

My weary sight is growing dimmer

Fighting hard to stay awake

In the distance I can hear them

The pounding hooves ring in my brain

I slide deeper in the darkness

Praying they will go away


I feel the hooves pound coming closer

I hold my breath and close my eyes

Now I can see his shrouded figure

Upon the pale horse he rides

I can see, through the cloud of darkness

How his sharpened scythe it shines

Still I pray he can not see me

Still my teeth are clenched in fright


His pale horse has stopped before me

I hold my breath without a sound

I search my sight for a salvation

But I find no one around

Now I see him come towards me

Stepping off his pale mount

Still I lay too scared to move

Praying I don't make a sound


His darkened figure now before me

His empty eyes search the night

But as the scythe swings down upon me..

..He slips away from my sight


Once again still in my visions

As I dream with open eyes

I see the grim specter of Death

On the pale horse he rides


In the darkness and my pain

and in every scream of fright

There is no way to escape my fate

Or the pale horse he rides...



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