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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Ritual Sacrifice
The candle burns, the altar is sacrifice

The eyes of the damned stare through the night

The knife is raised as the crucifix burns

The dagger is thrust through the heart of the girl

Chant the evil incantations, taste the blood intoxicating

Heart is lost in mastication, stare at death exhilarated


The dagger bleeds unto my wanting tongue

An innocent soul to hold me forever young

My eternal life in the cruelness of death

I sacrifice to evil a body God has blessed

Heart in hand my youth her life succumbs to dark

Her life drips from my lips, her tortured soul departs


Just a vitim in a game, a game my life, her death

My eternal youth is bleeding from her flesh

I rip the filthy skin away, the evil coils of lust

I take her life and damn her soul, her body turns to dust

Alone an avatar, I give and take her life

Eat her useless flesh, shred her with my knife


Is it an evil game, or a demon deep within

In the end I'll know the truth, and soon I shall transcend

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