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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Piercing stare invades my mind

A dark reflection haunts me

Feel the fear, for in the mirror

Are the Piercing eyes I see

I can hear an evil laugh

Echo through my head again

Followed by one short phrase

"Welcome, ShadowTwin"


Walking down hallowed halls

And feeling catatonic

The walls moan in demented groans

My sanity is falling

When I turn around to see

The presence that I feel

There's no one there but ShadowTwin

It all seems so surreal


The arms are reaching out

They're grasping at my throat

I scream a silent prayer

But no one seems to know

Somehow deep inside, I know

That he is after me again

I know I can not get away

No escape from ShadowTwin


These haunted dreams perplex me

They drive me mad with rage

But do I dream or is it real

And can I ever get away

Can I hide within myself

Behind a wall of dark and sin

For I know there's no escape

I am the "ShadowTwin"

This is, in theory, where the name I use on line originated. Unfoftuanately the original was written years prior to this, and I could remember only a few of the actual lines. I tried to re-create it and did a very poor job, I went ahead and posted it anyway though.

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