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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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These Sorrowed Seas
G odliness her radiance, from the saints was she cast
O 'er a seeping sea of sorrow, unto me was she passed
O h! what blinding beauty bestills my beating heart
D ivinity upon me, may our souls never part
B urnished beauty in my heart, a love, a love so true
Y es bequeathed my love for thee, spoken unto you
E nchantingly, my love for thee, spoken in a vow
T easingly, her vow for me seemed possibly, somehow
O h did I wonder, yet in vain, what was meant for me
R elentlessly, I begged for she to love eternally
O n the morrow came the sorrow, for my love had gone
M eagerly, on sorrowed seas, life must carry on
A nd the love sent from above, her love and mine for she
N ever shall I lose that love, amidst these sorrowed seas
C ravenly, on sorrowed seas, I shall be adrift
E ternally our love rests here...Everything must end

This is a very unique poem. It is the only time that I ever tried to do an acrostic style. Whether or not I did it well is, of course, a matter of opinion.

I was listening to an old Ozzy Osbourne tape at the time and when the song "Goodbye to Romance" came on, I wrote the letters on the little notepad I was writing on, but I had to put them top to bottom since I had only the margin of the page left to work with. From that I decided I would take a crack at trying to make a poem that had each line start with each letter from the name of the song. I did accomplish that, so goal complete, right?

Well, this was also the poem that got me going on the idea that I could get poetry published for profit (trust me, it is a myth). I do have a wonderful plaque with this poem on it on top of a bookshelf in my home. I also own an audio tape where it is spoken by a man with a "Mr. Voice" type guy doing intros to each poem. The intro says that I "have a masterful command of the english language". Which translates to, I have to look up a couple words (one being burnished, the other being craven) to make my acrostic work. Then when they publish it in the book, it is all centered, and they did not make the first letter of each line bold. That means that I am the only one on the planet that knows why I made the god damned thing in the first place! (though there are people out there who search the letters on th epages of the bible looking for messages...In total disregard to the fact that it has been translated so many times that there is absolutely no way that what they are seeing today is what was actually written. One of those types might be able to find my damn message!)

Let us put that digression aside.

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