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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Tears Upon the Floor
I sit here still, alone again, with pen in hand, without a friend

I used to wish for so much more

Tears well up within my eyes, I feel a pain I can't disguise

And watch my teardrops fall upon the floor

Every time I'm hurt again, I do not fear, I love the pain

Yet, I forget what it is I am living for

If I close my eyes and nod my head, when I wake up will I be dead

Or is there more pain for me in store


I rest my head within my hands and wish that I could understand

The truth about this love I so adore

My hands pressed tight onto my ears, my voice a scream that no one hears

Another teardrop falls upon the floor

Darkened, dismal, loveless life, stabbing me as if a knife

Hateful so and painful more and more

Beloved pain, why shan't I die, without you what the hell have I

Alone and crying on the floor


Still alone, no one around, I shed a tear without a sound

I pray that someone sees my mind is torn

No one will see, no one will care, they think I smile, they're unaware

Of this pain that burns inside a heartless core

I can't speak out, I must be strong, but I can't go on very long

How much lonely pain can I endure

No one knows me, no one will, know this life of constant hell

Lest they see the stains from my tears upon the floor


There is so much love inside my soul, so much love I've never shown

And the pressure is building more and more

I gave my love with none returned, a foolish man, I never learned

For me, Fate has no love in store

So now the name of she I love is only known by God above

I shall not say her name, lest her heart be torn

For I shall die without her touch, this woman whom I love so much

For whom I cry these tears upon the floor


I love her so, yet can not say, for fear that she would turn away

Afraid my love for her might be scorned

'Immortal Beloved' Hear me now, I pray that you might know somehow

That it is you that my love was always for

And this love I can not say, for fear that I' be turned away

From this woman whom I so adore

When you read, I pray you know, that I truly loved you so

And wanted you as mine forevermore


But, I can't say, for my fear, how much I long to have you here

To help me through a pain I can't endure

My perfect mate so lost to me, I pray not now for anything

Lest that my body not be found upon the floor

This pain I feel is really love, graced to me by God above

Yet, not the love of she whom I adore

Still alone, still I'm crying, only now, I see I'm dying

As another teardrop falls upon the floor


Now I see it's not a tear, not the woman I love and fear

Not a teardrop that falls upon the floor

Just the dream of a dying man, I dream I'll never understand

As the blood drips from my wrists upon the floor



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