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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Helen Keller

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Wasted Time
Tick..tick..tick.., I hear the seconds

I can feel them slip away

Soon the seconds turn to minutes

..Turn to hours..Turn to days..


Thump..thump..thump.., I feel the pounding

Hear it echo through my head

Balck and bounding, ring resounding

Pound! Pound! Pound! the darkened dread


Crash..crash..crash.., I sense the onslaught

I can feel it growing near

Soon the sound precedes the pound

Afraid now that I fear my fear


Whack..whack..whack.., it's growing louder

Drowning out my struggled breath

Questions burning, thoughts are churning

Just alive for lack of death


Bang..bang..bang.., it's never stopping

Empty rooms do echo free

Through placid walls and empty halls

The tolls forever ring


Stop! stop! Stop! your tortured tirade

Let me sleep a night in peace

A second's silence from the violence

But the sound shall never cease


Boom! boom! boom! I can not take it

I can't hear another tick

Thoughts are dreary, eyes are weary

Reaching for my walking stick


Smash! Smash! Smash! I'll stop the ticking

Bring the torture to a rest

And in my binge I bringe revenge

And take a weight off of my chest


Sweet, sweet, sweet the song of silence

Not a sound within my room

...Sickly silent...Deathly quiet...

...Now it seems I'm in a tomb...


Dead..dead..dead.., I've killed the tolling

Brought the pounding to an end

No single sound...within...without...

..I've just killed my only friend..

- I can't endure it

Silence chills me to the bone

Now I'm crying, slowly dying

Silence feeling so alone

This one came about because of a clock that was hanging on the wall in my studio apartment. One night I just could not get to sleep because of the damn ticking. It started from there and kind of blossomed into this.

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