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I want to get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus, I want to feel his salvation all over my face. - Eric Cartman, from a song snippet on a South Park episode.
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Here you will find all of my posts from February 2004, with a brief description of each.

February 1, 2004html and email discussion.

February 2, 2004site swapping procrastination, my first rant -about erectile dysfunction ads-.

February 3, 2004bitching about free hosting sites, birth of a sidebar feature -ripping off more of BlackChampagne.

February 4, 2004The first paragraph, about getting the poetry page is okay. After that it is rambling and incoherent -definitely NOT a recommended read-

February 5, 2004search engines, corrupt floppies, this space for rent, porn is the only online advertising.

February 6, 2004A rant about microsoft and their inability to make current software work with their old software -information about the phone call is included-

February 7, 2004No search engines can find me, Wal-mart bitching.

February 8, 2004Did my taxes, bitch about taxes, and offer a few ideas for better use of taxes.

February 9, 2004all site related. Not a good read, even for me at this point.

February 10, 2004Added a couple things to the 'stuff i made' page, why I suck at non-fiction.

February 11, 2004Constructive criticism from an e-mailer and a long forgotten story from my youth.

February 12, 2004Fixed a site bug, permanently changed the background, added a mission statement, and a bitch about artists remaking songs.

February 13, 2004More problems with the site set up and a bitch about people who use ebay.

February 14, 2004I am an ass on Valentine's day, navbar finally working, God tells someone to call for a home for rent.

February 15, 2004Arizona renaissance festival, bitch about trying to buy a new keyboard.

February 16, 2004Very short one about Morrowind.

February 17, 2004More keyboard bitching and a bitch about belly-shirts and who should and shouldn't wear them.

February 18, 2004New site reader, happiness that I am getting better, bitching about discipline (or lack of) for children.

February 19, 2004More discussion about Morrowind. Two rather amusing anecdotes from my day.

February 21, 2004Missed update, cashiers can't do math, and a discussion about transgender babies.

February 23, 2004ClockTower 3 taking away my time, impending visit with estranged relatives.

February 24, 2004Long bitch about George W. Bush's stance on gay marriage, discussion of dinner with people I had not seen in near two decades.

February 25, 2004Long bitching about Howard Stern being ripped from Clearchannel and freedom acts that I think are being violated because of it.

February 27, 2004Bitching about laws for the rights of unborn children, missed warning signs in the Columbine Massacre, and why I may continue to do news even though I never thought I would.

February 29, 2004Long story about an injury, short story about our puppies, with photos.

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